AIJA Congress

  • AIJA Congress: Working Session 1

    AIJA Congress: Working Session 1

    [jwplayer mediaid=»851″ hd.file=»29082012ahd.mp4″] About Soft Skills in Hard Negotiations – how to avoid being lost in translation in West-East dialogues As the Far Eastern Asian markets boom and the ties between West and East strengthen, lawyers are having more and […]

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  • AIJA-ABA Pre-Congress seminar

    AIJA-ABA Pre-Congress seminar

    [jwplayer mediaid=»849″ hd.file=»28082012hd.mp4″] From Good to Eff ective – Developing your Negotiation and Presentation Skills that will distinguish you from other Lawyers Did you know that empirical studies show that only 7% (sic!) of the eff ect of what you say to the […]

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